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Is a platform where a collective of healers come together to unite the community by providing mental, spiritual, emotional and physical wellness services. 

Our vision is to create growth, healing and local opportunities to provide an impact in every community across the world. 


About Us

Creating Inspiration in Every Turn

Be Free Be Fly Ministry is not affiliated with any specific religion; instead, we function as a platform. Our platform serves as a gathering place for individuals from all walks of life to come together and contribute their unique gifts towards creating healing solutions. By joining this platform, we can overcome feelings of isolation and collectively build our brand. It serves as a central hub for healers and those seeking healing. As our community grows, so does our sense of unity. We have established a strong foundation that allows everyone to experience freedom and share their inner light with the world. In our view, a healer is someone who not only brings healing to the community through their passion but also creates long-lasting solutions that positively impact future generations. If you feel called to this work and desire to collaborate as part of a collective, we welcome you to join us.

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Our Story

Be Free Be Fly initially began as a monthly event in April 2022, founded by Amma. Her primary goal was to establish a space where individuals could access affordable monthly healing services. To achieve this, she collaborated with local healers and compensated them for their contributions to the community's well-being. On the last Saturday of each month, we would engage in meditation, sound healing, yoga, and listen to guest panelists. Additionally, Amma provided a platform for vendors to showcase their talents and share them with the community. She funded the entire event using her personal resources, driven by her belief that everyone should have the opportunity to heal themselves without financial stress. However, as financial constraints began to pose challenges, Amma decided to take a break and reassess the next steps for Be Free Be Fly.

After receiving a powerful message from her late grandmother, whom she affectionately called Amma, the idea for Be Free Be Fly Spiritual Ministry was born. Inspired by this ancestral guidance, she embarked on a mission to create a platform that promotes healing, growth, and freedom. Our ultimate goal is to work smartly and efficiently, without limitations. During Amma's grandmother's funeral, she made a promise to the gathered crowd, stating her intention to carry on her grandmother's legacy by becoming a preacher and following in her footsteps. However, instead of pursuing a traditional path as a preacher, she chose to become a healing leader, dedicated to advocating for the well-being of our community. We firmly believe that we are the future, and each step we take toward healing will bring forth generational wealth, growth, and love. Amma passionately declares, "I am actively being the change I wish to see. Time is precious, and I refuse to waste it. If you stand with me, I will guide you in leading the way. If you oppose me, I will still send love your way and proceed accordingly."

Together, we embark on a collective healing journey, taking deliberate and purposeful steps towards unity. Every Healer and Board Member has demonstrated their unwavering commitment by embracing authenticity and leading with love. In this space, there is no room for competition. We recognize and celebrate our individual strengths, understanding the unique contributions we bring and the direction we are headed. As Nipsey Hussle wisely said, "It's a Marathon, pace yourself," reminding us to approach this journey with patience and endurance.

Meet The Board

Camalla Ash (Amma) | Founder | CEO | Executive Director 

William Ash | Co-Founder | Board Member | Finance Committee Chair | Barber

Antonio Toppin | Board Member | Marketing Committee | Nuvo Photographer | DJ

Trisa Mitchell | Board Member | Program Committee | Foot Reflexologist | Chakra Alignment 

Sean Grannan | Board Member | Finance Committee | Financial Advisor With Principal

Korie Griggs | Board Member | Marketing Committee Chair | Author | Facilitator of Growth

Meet The Healers

Camalla Ash (Amma) | Sound Healer | Homeschool Teacher | Birth Doula 

William Ash | Barber | Mens Grooming | Boys & Men Program Director

Keyona Kleva | Sound Healer | Reiki Master | Tarot Reader 

Trisa Mitchell | Holistic Healer | Reflexologist | Reiki I Practioner | Homeschool Teacher

Korie Griggs | Published Author | Grief Coach | Reiki I Practioner

Divine Wisdom | Sacred Wombman Healer | Reiki I Practioner 

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